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DEADLINE : 1st October 2021

Winner Announcement Date:
15th October 2021

Demaurio Clark

about us.

Demaurio Clark understands that the measure of a man is built on continual growth. Among his many achievements, none provides more satisfaction than his graduation, at age 33, from Georgia Southwestern State University.  With his degree, he sees a world of opportunities.  And with his degree in Accounting, he is determined to build a career that will bring to him great satisfaction, whether as a sole practitioner, or as a member of a bright team of individuals, ambitious as he himself is.  This will be the secret of his success.

Demaurio Clark Scholarship

Are you looking for a scholarship to pursue your higher studies? Look no further! You have come to the right place. All students who have an excellent academic track record and are aspiring to pursue a college education could now apply for a one-time scholarship of $1,000. You could now apply and even win this prestigious scholarship so that it could help you in pursuing your dreams of a successful career in the future. The Demaurio Clark Scholarship Page welcomes meritorious and dedicated students to apply for this prestigious scholarship instituted by Demaurio Clark, a qualified accountant, noted insurance broker, and a financial expert in his own right. This highly-esteemed scholarship is a vital resource just right for college-bound scholars who are hoping to supplement their funds for education. A philanthropist at heart, Clark has realized that very few students in the United States could afford to pay off the entire fees for obtaining a college education. College education costs are exorbitantly high. It is, therefore, difficult for most aspiring students to accomplish their educational goals without some kind of financial aid. As such, Demaurio instituted the impressive Demaurio Clark Scholarship. 


The Man with a Heart of Gold

Demaurio Clark firmly believes that it is essential to have a diversity of experiences, attributes, and perspectives for making ground-breaking innovations that could revolutionize the world. Everybody deserves a chance to pursue higher studies and an advanced career path irrespective of ethnicity, race, gender, and social background. Clark knows pretty well that providing scholarship is the easiest way to give back what you can to society benevolently. Demaurio has a passion for helping the unfortunate and underprivileged people since he has a deep love for humanity.

1st October 2021


15th October 2021






Demaurio Clark 4
Demaurio Clark
Demaurio Clark

Demaurio Clark

The Man with a Heart of Gold

An Accountant

An Accountant & Stock Broker Par Excellence

Demaurio Clark has dedicated his financial career to improving the lives of his esteemed clients by providing them a host of high-quality financial services. Demaurio has won accolades for his hard work and competence throughout his career as a top stockbroker and personal banker with reputed firms. A financial accountant par excellence, Clark is regarded as an authority in the stock broking and personal banking circuits.

Demaurio Clark

Demaurio Clark is known to be a reservoir of knowledge regarding the nuances of accounting and financial services. Moreover, he perseveres relentlessly to win the trust of his esteemed customers. He wants to boost the overall financial health and financial stability of everyone around him. It is no wonder that he is so concerned with students facing financial constraints while pursuing higher studies because of the astronomical college education costs in the United States.

Demaurio Clark 4

Man With Integrity

Demaurio Clark is a man with integrity and high principles. His lofty ideals could prove to be a source of inspiration for young minds. No wonder, famous Demaurio Clark Scholarship is supposed to be a prized award every student is looking forward to. It is a matter of great pride to receive such a prestigious scholarship as a young student. It means a lot and often helps to put a student on the right track to career success and a life filled with happiness. Giving is the only way to finding true happiness, says Demaurio.

Demaurio Clark

Demaurio Clark is determined to focus his attention on donating funds to students who are looking for financial assistance and support. Highly-motivated and determined students with exceptional academic careers are eligible to apply for this esteemed scholarship so that they could achieve their career goals and aspirations. Demaurio thinks that by helping underprivileged students, he would be the happiest even if it brings about the slightest improvement in their plight. His vision of offering support to his fellow human beings could be successful even if he could make the slightest difference in the career and life of a few individuals. Clark feels that it is his responsibility to give back whatever he can to society. 


About the Demaurio Clark Scholarship

Demaurio Clark Scholarship has been instituted for rewarding students who have been consistently demonstrating extraordinary skills, innovative thinking, and leadership qualities. The candidates are judged based on their GPA, leadership experience, and originality of the essay: “How can we ensure young adults have the necessary knowledge to be financially responsible?”

The Demaurio Clark Scholarship is purely a philanthropic effort on Clark’s part. By choosing the most well-deserving, active, engaged, and brightest student in the United States, Demaurio wishes them to become successful in life.

Demaurio Clark Scholarship Details

If a student is planning to join a college in 2021 or carry on with a course, he might fancy the Demaurio Clark Scholarship. It assists students from not-so-rich backgrounds to reduce their financial load because every beneficiary would be receiving $1,000 non-returnable aid. The prize-money of the scholarship could be used with complete freedom. Nobody would be monitoring how and where you are spending your award money. You could use the money for buying course books or paying a part of your college tuition fees. The Demaurio Clark Scholarship application process is quite transparent. It offers equal opportunities to all candidates. 

Demaurio Clark Scholarship is primarily merit-based and awards $1,000 to 1 undergraduate student.

Deadline: 1st October 2021.

Winner Announcement Date: The winner of the Demaurio Clark Scholarship will be declared on 15th October 2021.

Demaurio Clark Scholarship Eligibility Details

To be eligible, an applicant must:

Be a citizen of the U.S.A. or he should be a legal resident of the United States. He must produce documents to prove legal residence.

Be enrolled in any recognized or registered private or public college or university.

Must have parental approval to apply for the Demaurio Clark scholarship and accept the gift-money.

How to Apply

All applications must be sent via emails in the format of a Word Document to info@demaurioclarkscholarship.com.

Please provide all relevant details and submit them with a high-quality authentic essay.

  • Full Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Date of Graduation (YYYY.MM.DD)
  • Your present GPA
  • The official or recognized university or college you are currently enrolled at

Essay Topic: “How can we ensure young adults have the necessary knowledge to be financially responsible?”

Demaurio Clark Scholarship Winner Selection

The lucky winner would be informed via an official email from Demaurio Clark’s office. The applicant is expected to revert upon receipt and acknowledge receipt of the official scholarship winner email. All scholarship related assets would be at once, transferred to the official or legitimate bank account of the lucky winner. The result would be announced on 15th October 2021 at demaurioclarkscholarship.com.


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